The hero of the poor man’s heart | Jack Ma missing

The sad story we hear today about Jack Ma, the creator of the Alibaba business, is that he suddenly disappeared. An owner of the Alibaba business, he recently became one of the top 20 billionaires in the world and the first billionaire in China. But it was not because of his luck but because of his effort and dedication.

Jack Ma, a very poor child as a child, did not show much ability to learn. Therefore, he failed only in school examinations, but from an early age. Jack Ma was fluent in English, with many tourists visiting his country. On that ability he also somehow became an English teacher. Unsatisfied with his teaching career, Jack Ma faces various interviews in an attempt to find a job. But he never gets a job as he wishes.

Only unfortunate things happen to him from those places as well. At one time he wants to join the police. In its’ interview only five people attend. But unfortunately he is the only one who refuses and his dream fades. He then goes on to a job at KFC, which has 25 participants, 24 of whom are selected and one loses the opportunity. That was none other than Jack Ma. In the sameway Jack Ma has applied for many more jobs, But he didn’t get a job.

That’s why he starts a business and that business unfortunately collapses. A friend asked about going on a trip to America while Jack Ma wonders what to do when everything goes wrong. But he did not have the money for that trip. The friend, however, takes Jack Ma to America as he promises to look after about Jack Ma’s expense.

Jack Ma’s main goal during this journey was forget for a moment what had happened to him. But Jack Ma finds something surprising in America. That is the internet facility that we all use. He then searches various things on the internet and at one time searches for his country. There he finds that nothing about his country is mentioned on the internet. He finds reason that the Internet is not so popular in China.

He sees that there is a huge business opportunity here. As soon as he leaves for his native China, he asks several friends for a loan and start new business with his modern idea. it becomes the Alibaba business by name that we all know. In a few years, this business will become a leading business in his country as well as in the world.

The problem today is why that such a talented businessman missing? There are many factors that affect this. Even the foreign media has been making a lot of headlines about this. The main point of discussions are that Jack Ma, who later became a Chinese tycoon, is in a bad mood. This idea has become the opinion of many.

That is to say, he has suffered a major setback due to the circumstances of the past season. That is, Zhong Shanshan is appointed to snatch the title of the richest person in China that Jackma had in the past. Zhong Shanshan is the most richest person of China in 2020. Also, Jack Ma has been the subject of a number of high-profile allegations in the recent times.

However, he was able to protect his business. He had also turned down a television program scheduled for the previous month. It was not because of the charges against him or his backsliding. According to some foreign media outlets, there is a doubt that he has disappeared due to tough situation in China.

However, at the last press conference, he said that his hopes were dashed. Whatever the reason for this concern, it cannot be such a minor incident. In any case, we hope to see him soon.

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