How to wear a face mask

We still live with the corona. We have been spending a year now with Corona Rally, Corona Clusters. But the corona has no setback. Antibiotics are not even close enough to save us. Yes, there are several news going around about several vaccines. But we still can’t sure about effectiveness of those vaccines.

The only thing we can do is stay safe from the corona. It is fair to say that many of us around the world were protected from the first wave of corona by the strict curfew imposed by governments. But we cannot live like that forever. We have to get used to living with the corona. Therefore, it is very important to know the safety tactics.

Do we need to wear a face mask ?

A mask must be worn to protect against the covid virus. If it is not a mask for viruses You will be more insecure than you are protected from it. It is also important to be careful to use the mask correctly. Otherwise the mask will be our killer, not our protector. This is because the corona virus infects our respiratory system. If we do not use the mask properly, the virus can turn the mask into a propaganda medium and infect us.

There are various types of masks on the market today. Meanwhile, the KN95 mask has become one of the most popular mask during this pandermic. In this article we hope to talk mainly about the KN95 mask. That goes along with a few things. They are,

  1. How to stop the virus with a mask
  2. What is the best mask
  3. Can a mask be reused?
  4. How to identify a fake mask?
KN 95 without filter
KN 95 with filter

How to stop the virus with a mask?

The function of a mask is to purify the air and inhale it normally and to stop germs from escaping through the exhaled air. For this, the KN 95 and N95 masks (“KN” is the CHINA standard and “N” is the USA standard) are filtered through 4 layers with very small holes. The outer shell comes with a plastic coating, citric acid, pH lowering agent, and the second cover is made of copper and zinc ions to attract negative charges (a virus like influenza is negatively charged). The third is with a polyprophelene filter. The fourth also consists of a spun-bound layer. Therefore, even if the virus is smaller than a hole in the mask, the virus cannot pass through the mask

Can the mask be reused?

Yes, but only this way. The only method mentioned here is for KN 95 or N 95 mask. There are several ways to do this. But here are just some of the things you can do at home.

Immerse yourself in hot boiling water at once Leave on for about 3 minutes. But do not soak the mask in water when swallowing. Do not even use soap. Another method is to put the mask on a brown paper bag but seal it in a thick bag Leave it for 5 days and use it again. These methods sterilize the quality of the mask (condition of polythene, condition of filters, ionization of copper and zinc). There are other ways but we are not going to talk about it. Because of thise things you can’t practice at home.

Are there any disadvantages to using a mask?

Yes . But the only downside is the lack of oxygen in the body. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the mask at least every 4 hours. But if there is a danger of the virus, do not remove it.

Mask Mafia. How to distinguish a good mask from a fake mask?

Keep in mind that counterfeit copies of the KN 95 have arrived with increasing demand. So how do you spot counterfeit coffee? There are 3 methods.

  1. Wear a mask and try to extinguish a candle 6 inches away. If it turns off, it’s a fake copy.
  2. Turn the inside of the mask over and try adding a little water. If the water leaks, the mask will not work. A counterfeit copy.
  3. Put a used mask on fire. The mask just melts. There is no way to ignite. If it burns, do not pick up that kind of mask.

Mask marketers are done fooling you

You may have heard, Have seen, you have. – “mask with the filter”. Don’t get caught together. Actually this mask has no filter. The word “FILTER” is a marketing trick. It is not a filter but a valve. This valve is left to facilitate breathing for busy people. So if there is a person among us who is infected with corona, he releases the exhaled air with the corona into the air without any filtering. I think this is also the reason for increasing speed of the spread of corona.

Let’s use the mask exactly.

If touching the mask, wash your hands thoroughly, clean and apply. When applying and removing the mask use the elastic bands. It is important that the mask fits exactly on the face. Use the metal on top of the mask to adjust the mask. Place it exactly on the nose. Always keep a small clean bag nearby. Each time you remove the mask, put it in your small ckean bag and use it again. This will prevent germs from spreading on the mask.


Your country alone will not get rid of the corona infection until the whole world is rid of it. So the media and opportunistic politicians are proclaiming that “the second wave of corona is over and the corona fear is over”. Do not act as if you have forgotten everything. It could be the start of another corona wave. Use a mask as well as a sanitizer.


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