Zlatan goes against ‘Pele’

Zlatan  Ibrahimovic is the one of leading footballers today. Sweeden player is famous for his arrogant style of play on and off the field. He believes if he played I’m legendary Brazilian footballer Pele’s era, He would score 3000 goals.

He explained furthermore, “There were no strict rules. No offsides. No VAR. I believe with no offside calls I would have scored in every match. The only thing that would stop Zlatan from scoring it would be injuries. I still do not count his goals because most were offside goals. I don’t even bother listening to him when he says he is better than Ronaldo, Messi, and me. Winning the world cup with offside goals was a great robbery”.

However it totally impossible to compare two different eras. It’s true that Messi, Ronaldo, and Zlatan all really talented players. But when Pele’s era there was no proper facilities and techniques available to footballers as much as today.

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