What will be the future of the world after Covid 19?

Covid 19 is the biggest problem all over the world. But we have to somehow return to our normal day to day life. The best thing we can do is stop the transformation of the virus. It will help to save a life this threatened time.

Covid 19 is a new virus and scientists and virologists are not familiar with it. It causes to reduce the preparation and overcome against the virus. None of us have immunity against Covid 19. Also, there isn’t a proven vaccine for Corona or treatments.

Current situation

The only thing that we can do now is preventing the spread of the Covid virus. And the meantime it is important to testing for anyone who has symptoms. Then we can provide treatments for everyone who needs it. People can not be priced out of the ability to have care. We need everyone to practice aggressive social distancing. For reducing the spreading, we must engage to work at home. 

If we are able to stop the transmission or at least reduce the rate of spreading the virus, it helps to prevent overwhelming the hospitals. Then we will be able to manage the patients and get released by being quarantine. We really need to get back to our normal lifestyle as much as possible. To achieve that goal it is necessary for everyone’s active participation.

When we will get released

The good thing is most of the Covid 19 infectious cases recover with mild symptoms. They do not want hospital care. It’s like cold or flue. But if your elderly person or in treatment for a long-term disease condition you are vulnerable to Covid 19.

However, we have to look forward and get rid of this pandemic. But we can’t say the exact day that ends the pandemic. The world had faced many situations like this in the past. This pandemic alarmed us that we need to invest in our public health infrastructure. What we can do now is adapt to the new normality and adjust our day to day life.

The Future, After Covid 19

We need to take action and be ready for these kinds of situations. As a first thing, we need to urgent investment in public health. Because it will be our first defense in that kind of pandemic situation. We also have to recognize that disease has no boundaries. World Health Organization need to invest in global public health to prepare for future possible outbreaks.

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